Apparitions (2012)

Apparitons is inspired by real-life ghost stories told to me by friends and family. Every person who has shared their ghost story with me felt that their encounter happened for a significant reason. This is what I am interested in investigating through my choreography. Whether the encounter is real or not is unimportant. What matters is the lasting connection each person felt to someone who had passed. This piece is a work in progress that is slated to become an evening-length show.

Fortitude of She (2013)


This piece celebrates the incredible strength it takes to be a woman and a mother figure. It is in honor of the female role models who show the world how to hold oneself up with an ironclad core of strength while also being the source of love and softness for others.

Game Over (2009)

This Duet depicts a couple’s spat on a Saturday night.

Nutcracker on Lenox Avenue (2013)


Nutcracker on Lenox Avenue  is a fresh twist on the classic holiday story. Set to Duke Ellington’s Nutcracker Suite, this 1920’s era Nutcracker features jazz and contemporary dance. The second act is a world dance festival within the production that features guest performances by NYC’s top cultural dance companies.

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